A variety of educational opportunities and volunteer opportunities are available at Royal Gardens Association in Philadelphia.

Classes are held from the first Saturday in July to the first Saturday in September.

Certified as a Penn State Master Gardener, our founder, Nicole Chandler, follows the Penn Philadelphia Royal Garden Community and VolunteeringState Agriculture curriculum within our vegetable garden. We also use Penn State-hosted curriculum as a Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Tree Tender affiliate. We educate students on:
• Identification of all trees through their leaves, bark, and branches
• Proper tree planting method
• Pruning
• Maintenance of all tree species

Our growing green and biodiversity curriculums prepare students of all ages to start and cultivate their own gardens while garnering appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Growing Green CurriculumBiodiversity is a Basic Economic Resource -Growing Green Curriculum
Proper Tools and their Usage for Gardeners
• Landscape Designs for Specific Outdoor Areas
• Important Usage for Native Plants in Landscape Design
• The Hidden Meaning to Why We must Landscape for Wildlife
• Hummingbirds and Butterflies, their Special purpose to Our Gardens
• The Beauty of Native Wildflowers
• Companion Gardening & Interplanting with Vegetables
• Companion Gardening with Natives, Ornamentals, & Perennials
• Why use Compost or Fertilizer & the Physical Properties of Soil
• Trees and Why We Need Them in our Environment
• Control Pests Naturally in our Homes & Garden
• How to Detect & Treat Plant Disease
• Identifying Friendly Insects and Why They Protect Our Environment

Biodiversity Curriculum
• Biodiversity is a Basic Economic Resource
• Recycle & Dispose of Waste Properly
• Conserve Energy
• Conserve Water & Protect Water Quality

Philadelphia Landscape Design through the Royal Garden Association

Landscape Design through the Royal Garden Association in Philadelphia